August 27, 2008

The Achievers

Today I had organizational behavior class in college. Madam was to teach about team work. Generally madam gives an exercise to class and on that exercise, she explains particular topic.

Today she did the same. The entire class was divided into teams of 10 people. The exercise was common to all teams. First task was "Scavenger-Hunt". Each team had to first search for 12 objects in campus itself. Madam had already given check-list of all objects. They were Matchbox, Photos of each member, Book of Quotation, a stationary having University logo, A picture of any car, Cloth Duster, A string, a briefcase, a calculator, a CD, a bubble gum, previous year calendar.

Second task was "New Product Launch" where each team was required to select a product, give a name, create a logo, create a tag line, and prepare strategies to launch. A transparency was given to each team and we needed to make presentation of the product launch on it. Each team was allocated 30 minutes time to complete both the task. Whichever team completes Scavenger-Hunt first, had to present the product launch first.

I was the part of team formed on left wing of classroom. We were 10 members in the beginning. But two members joined as they were late in class. We initially started with gathering all objects which were with us in the classroom. We almost collected CD, calculator, string, photos, calendar on first go. Two team members rushed to library and collected Book of quotation, a magazine having advertisement of a car, and pamphlet having University logo. They collected a matchbox from security boy while returning. Other two members went to canteen to buy a bubble gum and they bought a cloth duster that generally boys keep in vehicles. We collected 11 items in approximately 10-15 minutes. The problem was briefcase. The most senior member of our team went outside the class and did some magic tricks (as it is confidential how he did it) and brought the briefcase. We completed our first part and showed all objects to madam within 20 minutes. Our team was the first to complete this task hence we were in advantage.

Around six members of team had engaged themselves in searching all those objects. The rest including me had already started second task. We decided submersible pumps as our product. We used “Jaldhara” as product name. Two of these six members started preparing logo accordingly and others started making strategies. Tag line, we preferred “Bina Barasaat, Pani Hi Pani’ (Hindi). We made two advertisement lines for it:

“Jab Unchai Pe Pahochana Ho Pani, Aur Bijli Bhi Ho Bachani,
Jaldhara Pumps Hi Hai Sab Ki zubani”


“Pump Se Hogi Kheto Ki Samrudhdhi, Kheto Se Hogi Desh Ki Samrudhdhi”

When we jotted down enough strategies, around 3 minutes were left. We were all happy with our efforts and entire team went for presentation. Presentation was also superb as we had good orators in our team. When a team presented their work, other teams needed to rate product launch with four criteria: Product name, Logo, Tag line and strategies.

We did one mistake in entire exercise. Madam gave us a red marker to write on transparency. We wrote and draw using that marker only rather than asking other team to share markers of different color. Hence our logo did not appear that much impressive.

But lady luck was with us and we received highest rating in product launch. Moreover we completed the task before other teams; our team was announced as Winner.

“The Achievers proved their name."

The learning from this was how mutually team members coordinated without any leader or supervisor and every member was accountable for both of the activities. That is the main difference between a group and team…

August 6, 2008

A Salute to Woman

Yesterday I went to a coffee shop which I often visit when I have a plan to study for late hours. Just the moment I ordered a coffee, I saw a lady who was my colleague. I knew her by name only but I still wished to chat with her. I went to her and started talking with a smiley “Hi”. I misjudged her personality when I had worked with her; but as soon we started conversation, I was almost influenced by her nature. Suddenly conversation diverted to post marriage relationships of a woman (I don’t prefer use of word girl here). All of a sudden, I don't remember why but she advised me something “A woman who is just married is like wet clay. She is moulded in whatever shape you expect her to do. Please don’t blame what she has then become”. I raised my eyebrows with a surprise. I did not understand context of her advice still I nodded my head agreeing her point.

After returning my room, I spent few hours to study as I planned and then I went to my bed. Somehow I recalled that sentence and I was very curious to understand it. As I thought about it more and more I was agree with her by heart; she was absolutely right except subjected women. I will say, not only a woman who is just married tries to mould her; perhaps every woman in this world does the same. Every female in a male’s life sacrifices a lot and tries to be at her beloved’s expectations whether she may be in any form; a mother, a sister, a wife or sometimes being just a friend. And in return she receives only disappointments and frustrations. I saw many of my friends dominating their wives or fiancĂ©. Why we men are all alike? Why do we not understand what will happen on a person who almost sacrificed everything to us happy? It must be killing her but what makes a difference to us?

Every mother sacrifices all of happiness to see her child happy as my mother did for me. But I remained busy in developing my career. I never get time to go back to her and say her how much I am thankful of her that she grew me so well. I wanted to go back and say her how much I love her. Not only my mother but all females including my sister supported me and gave me the warmth that someone is with me which one of my friends or brother did. Even though I never go back to them and say thanks for all the things they did for me.

More I thought of that sentence, more I regretted myself for not understanding this for so many years. I broke into tears and asked me why I was so hard. I heard a lot of times that a woman can not be understood. I refuse it; we don’t try to understand her. We don’t respect scarification she makes.

I thanked that lady for explaining me what I had never understood, and turned on my laptop and started writing my feelings. It is hard to accept but I don’t want you to follow the same path. Go to your beloved and tell her how much important she is in your life and how much you love her.