November 14, 2008

In the Interim

Hi Friends!! First of all, I would like to apologize not to be in touch for a long duration. I am really sorry for that.

During this interim, I got everything that I always dreamed. I feel myself lucky as God has blessed me everything I wished and that also on right time. “Thank you God!! I honor you with my due respect and love you.” But today I feel it is good not to have all dreams coming true in life.

After having everything, something was pricking me. I have almost given away writing on blog. My mind remained so occupied during these days that I had been finding no words to speak or to write. I remember I told sandy, who inspired me to start a blog, that I would write something inspiring and about those things which help one to live a better life. Till I remain troubled with endogenous anxiety, I can not write something inspiring.

Now I am okay and regained my confidence and jolliness (Actually i wrote this word as someone told me that I was jolly. I hope he had not been flattering me). So I think now I can bore you by writing more posts ;)

By the way I would like to thank many readers whose comments on “A Salute to Woman” helped me to come back and continue writing, especially Jigna, Pranav, Kuntesh and Bhabhi. Thank you all.